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Your organization must understand Information Technology implications before, during, and after the merger and acquisition (M&A) or divestiture process in order to succeed. HealthNET's team has deep experience evaluating and planning for the IT component of M&A and divestitures. We support clients with Strategic & Tactical Planning, Program & Project Management, and Implementation support. We have developed a detailed M&A Playbook, which follows the phases outlined below and will be customized to your needs.

1. Evaluation & Due Diligence

HealthNET will help you determine if proceeding with the merger (or divestiture) is favorable for your organization and if so, we help develop your IT strategy. We use a comprehensive survey tool during this phase, and our written analysis will include:

  • An overall statement of the IT game plan
  • Timelines
  • Opportunities for savings or risk
  • Projected capital and operating costs
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2. Sprint to the Close

This phase lays the foundation for IT and provides a map for system design and implementation. We will review the current practices, processes, and associated functional requirements of the hospital(s) to be acquired (or divested) to identify and correct gaps and ensure that all IT decisions meet your organization’s overall strategic goals. We will also help develop and/or review an IT Transition Services Agreement (TSA), if one is needed.

3. Transitions & Implementations

The M&A or divestiture process will effect staff throughout your health system. HealthNET will augment your in-house clinical and business informatics teams with our program and project managers, application experts, and trainers. During this phase:

  • We will analyze third party application contracts
  • Computer systems will stay, be replaced or upgraded
  • We will review and revise technical architecture, integration, and IT support
  • Implementation work includes planning, system build and testing, user training, and change management
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4. Transition to Operations & Support

HealthNET will help you finish the process by reviewing IT management and operations to refine and ensure transfer of knowledge and that your resources represent a sustainable model for your organization.

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