EHR Optimization

Get the most value from your EHR investment.

Whether you want to improve the patient experience, streamline clinical workflow processes, transform data analytics into valuable business insights, or increase physician user adoption, our EHR Optimization services include proven methodologies to identify and successfully implement improvements that will help boost your EHR’s return on investment.

What We Provide

During your EHR Optimization engagement, our experts will:

  • Assess current EHR use, with particular focus on utilization opportunities as well as how data is captured, stored, and shared throughout the organization
  • Identify use and process improvement opportunities, detailing which improvements provide the greatest benefits compared to resource requirements
  • Recommend methods for optimal data sharing between disciplines
  • Share best practices
  • Help you prioritize and implement improvements
EHR optimization assessment meeting, consultants and hospital staff meet at conference table with computer
Smiling nurse with doctors in the background looking at a patient’s electronic medical record

How You Will Benefit

Based on the improvements you choose, your benefits can include:

  • Improved EHR usability, which will help ease clinician burnout and reduce errors
  • Better clinical decision support
  • Increased physician, patient, and end-user satisfaction
  • Clinical and financial dashboards and insights
  • Ability to better address illnesses, risk of sepsis, pandemics, and social determinants of health
  • Improved interoperability, internally and externally

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