Population Health

Improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

If your goals include better management of high-risk patients — or operating profitably in a value-based payment environment — to succeed you’ll need Population Health strategy, data analytics, clinical expertise, and project management. HealthNET can deliver. Our experts can assess your Population Health initiative, customize, and help execute a plan that’s right for you.

How we help:

Population Health - Strategy


  • Assessment of current initiative
  • Development of SMART goals
  • Planning and roadmap
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis
Population Health - Data Analytics

Data Analytics

  • Evaluate Data Governance
  • Ensure accurate data aggregation from potentially disparate systems
  • Identify the right analytics tool(s) for you
Population Health - Clinical Expertise

Clinical Expertise

  • Engage clinicians during all phases
  • Optimize clinical workflow
  • Evaluate Clinical Decision Support
  • Ensure end-user adoption
  • Performance assessments, benchmarking

Project Management

  • Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP®)
  • Provide leadership, monitor progress
  • Troubleshoot issues, overcome delays
  • Report progress to leadership
Sandra Murray Director, HealthNET Consulting

Sandy Murray, Director
HealthNET Consulting

“Great population health management happens when providers can successfully predict patients trending in the wrong direction and intervene before patients become high-risk and high-cost. That’s a win-win for everyone, and it takes sound strategy, proper tools, and a committed team to achieve.”

Sandra Murray, MBA, PMP, CISM, ITIL
Director, HealthNET Consulting

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