IT Operational Reviews

Ensure IT can address your health system’s future needs.

Challenges — from digital front door to predictive analytics — require IT leaders to plan for the future, even as they respond to current crises, such as ransomware attacks and pandemics. The best way to ensure IT can address your health system's future needs is to evaluate its current state and address any gaps that exist. HealthNET's consultants can audit your IT operations, staffing, and budget to ensure you are well-positioned to address your organization's future needs.

IT Operational Assessment

Our consultants are skilled IT leaders with experience in a variety of large and small healthcare organizations. Our review can provide a new focus for your IT department and includes:

  • Review of current state
  • Identification of IT needs to support clinical and business objectives
  • Inventory of applications, hardware, and infrastructure, including life cycle
  • Evaluation of interoperability
  • Review of IT governance structure

IT Staffing Evaluation

Do you have the right IT staff to support your organization’s goals? We use proven methodology and industry benchmark data to formulate recommendations that will give you the answer. Our process includes:

  • Interviews with key hospital leadership, departments, and IT staff
  • Review of existing staffing structure, plan, and responsibilities
  • Review of project management methodology, procedures, and position control
  • Development of staffing recommendations

IT Budget Analysis and Preparation

Effective budgeting for IT operating and capital costs is an important factor in demonstrating the value of your department. We will analyze existing budgets and project future expenses based on IT strategic plans and staffing analysis. The results will include:

  • Alignment of future budget projections with strategic plans and staffing recommendations
  • Detailed project budgets with one-time and annual operating costs
  • Cash flow analysis

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