Mobile Strategy

Maximize clinician and patient usage, minimize the security risk.

Mobile devices, apps, and mobility platforms in healthcare today increase operational efficiency, enhance the patient experience, and improve quality of care. Clinicians, patients, and security must be addressed as part of your organization’s mobile strategy. HealthNET’s experts can help you create a mobile strategy that protects not only patient data but your health system’s IT network, too, and maximizes clinician and patient use of mobile devices and applications.


Clinicians are able to get the most out of complex data and make key decisions, faster and better with mobile devices that present secure patient data, safeguard communications, and offer diagnostic applications. HealthNET consultants understand mobile applications and clinical workflow, and our experience can help you ensure user adoption and compliance with mobile security policies and procedures.

Patient measuring blood pressure and using smart phone to transfer results to her doctor


Patients’ use of mobile devices for healthcare purposes has risen exponentially in recent years and is expected to continually increase. HealthNET can help your organization improve its patient-related mobile efforts, such as:  

  • Help patients use mobile solutions to communicate with providers, see results, pay bills
  • Encourage wearables to provide clinical insights after discharge and help reduce readmission rates
  • Use paid search ads to present your health system when patients check symptoms online


In the healthcare environment, using mobile devices puts patient data online and on the line. Patient data and your health system’s IT network are even more vulnerable when you add BYOD to the mix. Our IT experts know how to keep mobile devices — including BYOD — secure and HIPAA compliant. We can help you:

  • Develop mobile policies and procedures to ensure HIPAA compliance
  • Evaluate and implement an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution
  • Review BYOD policy and user authentication, encryption, and remote wiping / disabling procedures
Smart phone security concept, padlock above person holding mobile device

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