Data Governance Strategy

Ensure proper data standards, security, and quality.

Data is one of your health system’s most valuable assets. Analytics, COVID management, HIEs, population health, and many other initiatives depend on it. Your organization must make strategic decisions about how it will manage its data and comply with data security regulations. Whether you’re just beginning your Data Governance journey or need help refining it, HealthNET experts can help you establish and maintain effective healthcare Data Governance that will ensure proper data standards, security, and quality.


Healthcare Data Governance should consist of an interdisciplinary team of leaders from throughout your organization. HealthNET will help you create a Data Governance Charter that includes:

  • Structure, scope, and goals
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Guiding principles
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Data Quality

Your Data Governance team will oversee data quality — data that is clearly defined, accurate, complete, and consistent across systems throughout your organization. HealthNET understands data quality best practices and can help you implement practical yet effective data integrity and quality control standards.


Your organization must comply with security regulations to safeguard your data. IT often takes the lead in data protection, but responsibility lies with every employee throughout your organization. HealthNET can help you implement policies and procedures that ensure appropriate security measures are in place to protect data, and we can help you establish appropriate employee access to data.

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The sheer volume of data available at healthcare organizations today has grown exponentially in recent years. Your Data Governance team will need to understand where data lives and how best to access it. HealthNET can help you determine how to use analytics to achieve your organization’s clinical and business goals. For additional details, visit our Clinical & Business Intelligence page.


Healthcare organizations must share patient data in a way that will positively impact patient care. HealthNET has extensive experience in interoperability and data integration. We can help your healthcare Data Governance team establish a policy that details how to track and manage internal and external requests to ensure data is shared securely and efficiently. For additional details, visit our Interoperability & Data Integration page.

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